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When an impulsive reporter with commitment issues teams up with a gullible police detective who wants to settle down, they find themselves investigating more than just a small-town crime.  

Investigative reporter Jessa Becker doesn’t care if she finds a boyfriend anytime soon. She’d rather have a successful career that covers the cost of living each month. But her best friend has plans to get them wed before thirty and isn’t afraid to employ a few hairbrained schemes to make it happen. From crashing a wake to setting up shop at home improvement stores, Jessa’s life is a rotation of failed guy-finding escapades. Until she unexpectedly plummets into Chase Donovan. Literally.  

Chase is a hopeless romantic who's been burned by love too many times. But when Jessa falls off the bar and into his arms during a dance contest, sparks fly. Embarrassed, Jessa flees the scene, but later learns that Chase is the new ace detective on the boat vandalism case she’s covering for the newspaper.

They team up to dig deeper, but just as their chaotic courtship turns genuine, a rival reporter accuses Jessa of dating Chase to further her career. With their hearts and careers on the line, the pair must determine whether they can overcome their deep-rooted fears and trust each other in order to find true happiness. Will they navigate their chance at love or go down with the ship?

Front Page Kiss is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy/mystery starring a sassy reporter and a handsome detective set in the quirky, small town of Bryer Cove.

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Journey to Zentobia

When ten-year-old Maggie and her older brother Peter discover a portal inside a rainbow, they stumble through it and end up in another world. But Zentobia is not what it seems. A sinister plot is brewing, and the amateur detectives are the only ones who can stop it. With danger on their trail and mysteries emerging, can they keep Zentobia safe before time runs out?       

Perfect for fans of The Land of Stories series.

All magic is banished in Zentobia, but when an evil leader wants to bring back dark magic, Maggie and Peter risk it all to stop him. They join forces with the villain’s sneaky daughter who possesses a powerful secret. When Maggie’s instincts prompt her to investigate a hidden underground tunnel, she discovers a mysterious book carving that holds the answer to the future of magic. Before long, the siblings unravel more clues about Zentobia, including why it’s connected to their hometown by a rainbow. Can they stop the biggest threat Zentobia has ever faced and make it back to Hailsville, or will dark magic destroy the world forever?


With exciting twists and turns around every corner of this children's book, the journey for Maggie and Peter is just beginning. 

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Return to Zentobia

The action-packed sequel available now on Amazon!  

Ten-year-old Maggie Miller discovers the Book of Magic is the key to defeating a villain and embarks on a quest to stop a sinister plot in this sequel that’s perfect for fans of The Land of Stories series.

After foiling a villain’s attempt to bring back dark magic in the mysterious world of Zentobia, Maggie and Peter learn a new threat exists. When the villain’s daughter sends Maggie a plea for help to locate the Book of Magic and save her mom, the siblings travel through the rainbow portal to rescue their friends in this action-packed sequel to Journey to Zentobia.

Securing the Book of Magic is no easy task, even for a seasoned amateur detective like Maggie. The book contains a powerful spell that will prevent dark magic from destroying Zentobia and spreading to Maggie and Peter’s home, but it’s buried deep in a maze of enchanted tunnels.   

During their quest, dangerous beasts hunt them, vines transform to monstrous creatures, and rising flood water blocks their path. A wrong turn dumps the group into a secret world that’s evaporating by the minute. Casting a spell with an ingredient that’s hidden in an enchanted boneyard offers their only hope to return to Zentobia.

And when the villain’s daughter discovers she is the heir to the Book of Magic, will she deliver the spell to defeat her father? Or will someone unleash a bigger scheme with Maggie and Peter’s hometown as the target? 

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Author Interviews

Copy of Ten Questions with (3).png

When author Brett Perkins published The Prison for the Magically Cursed, he had no idea the middle-grade novel would become an instant best seller. For a long time, his dream of publishing a book took a back seat to teaching primary school students. He spent twenty years encouraging them to embrace their imaginations and create their own stories. Now, he’s writing the sequel, performing on stage, watching scary movies and spending time with his two dogs in the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.  

I chatted with Brett to ask eleven questions that will give you an inside look at the author behind the book.

1. How would you describe yourself in five words?


Creative. Passionate. Family-focused. Dog-lover. Driven.


2. How would your students describe you in five words?

Funny. Fair. Motivated. Creative. Cat-ophobic


3.  What is one piece of advice you have for other writers?


Read a lot and write a lot. Get your story down as quickly as you can. Most writers have brilliant ideas but never finish their stories. The world deserves to hear what you have to say.


4. Did anyone give you one piece of advice that stuck with you? Who was it and what was the advice?

My editor, Kim Chance, gave me the best writing advice. She said that if you keep your characters’ goals, motivations, and stakes at the forefront of your mind in every scene, your story will authentically find its direction. It’s the best advice I’ve ever received! 


5. What advice would you give your younger self?


Stand by your beliefs, and remember, you can do anything.


6. Do you have any fears?

I’m scared of heights and snakes (which is not a good thing when you live in a country with so many deadly ones).


7.  If your book was turned into a movie, who would you want to be in it?

I don’t know who I’d want to play the kids, but I would love Scarlett Johansson to play Senior Sentry Holt and Julia Roberts to play Marylin. Meryl Streep would also be brilliant as Beth.


8. What is the best room in your house for writing?

My bedroom. I like to be comfortable.

9. What time of day are you most creative?

I’m most creative after breakfast and a gym workout. The gym always inspires me to write and gives me plenty of time to think about my fictional world as I escape the pain of the weights equipment or cardio machines.


10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I love Australia. This beautiful country is my home, and while I love to travel, I’m always grateful to return to these sandy shores.


11. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be still teaching and finding my passion in writing. I also hope to have this current series of books written and sitting on my bookshelf!

To learn more about The Prison for the Magically Cursed visit 


Journey to Zentobia Five Star Reviews!

"What an enchanting, magical adventure! I had so much fun! 
I absolutely loved this. I loved the sibling relationship b/n Maggie & Peter, & it made me miss my own brother. Lol I also loved the idea of the portal being in the end of a rainbow! So creative. The world building was amazing, & I felt like I was flying around w/them in Zentobia in my own flying shoes! Very atmospheric! I LOVE Zentobia-the rainbow, the waterfalls, the shoes, the talking animals, & so much more all sound so amazing! The story flowed so nicely, & there was always something happening, & high stakes as well-which make for a fast-paced read. Themes of friendship, family, never giving up, & doing what’s right. Highly recommend! Such a fun, exciting read. That ending has me needing a book 2 now! Loved it & want more. Can’t wait to see what happens-I’m assuming there will be a book 2🤞🏻Absolutely beautiful cover by Kim Dingwall as well!

- Reviewed by Belle's Middle Grade

"Journey to Zentobia by Stacy D'Alessandro is an exciting, colorful sci-fi fantasy adventure that children will fall in love with. This author sifts together all the elements kids love, and some adults will find this engaging and entertaining as well. The writing is full of energy and emotion, with unexpected plot points and encounters. The pacing is just right, and young readers will instantly be locked into the story, thanks to the author's imagination and good instincts for what kids look for in a sci-fi fantasy adventure. For a pulse-pounding read, young audiences will love Journey to Zentobia by Stacy D'Alessandro.

It is a must-read."

- Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

"This is such a brilliant middle grade read! I dove straight into it, after reading the blurb and think it is a brilliant story for young readers. It has a great level of detail, with fun and exciting characters. The story flowed so well and stayed exciting and fun throughout. I read portions of it to my daughter, and she loved it, thinking it was loads of fun. It is definitely one that I want her to read, as her reading level rises. Overall a great read and definitely one I recommend!"

-Natural Bri's Reviews

"Aimed at middle readers, the book has plenty of action and a lively style. Young readers will find this a reader-friendly selection, with the occasional vocabulary-building challenge to keep them on their toes."

- The BookLIfe Prize


"I bought this for my 10 year old son as he loves fantasy and adventure stories and I thought he'd like to read this. This book has got him completely absorbed it's amazing. He's not a particularly quick reader, gets bored very easily and drops things very quickly but NOT with this book! It's been days now and he is completely absorbed it so great to see he is getting so much enjoyment out of it. I've got my daughter asking if she can read it next... absolutely!! All I can say to you is, do buy it they'll love!"Amazon review

"If your child loves fantasy fiction this is a great book to choose. My 9 year old loves the colorful characters and storyline. She's a big fan of The Land of Stories series (Chris Colfer) so Journey to Zentobia was a great find to compliment her taste."

Amazon review

"My daughter really enjoyed reading Journey to Zentobia so much, and she didn't want to stop reading it!!! It was such a fun, intriguing, and captivating story with so much excitement and adventure! While reading this magical fantasy book, you feel like you are joining the main characters as they embark on such an enthralling and enchanting journey! Author Stacy D'Alessandro incorporates so much creativity, vivid imagination, and thrilling adventure into this lively and animated story. It is a wonderful and fantastic book for both kids and adults, and we really hope that there will be a sequel in the future!" 

- Amazon review

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Journey to Zentobia Book Trailer

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Return to Zentobia Book Trailer

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Stacy is a freelance writer who specializes in writing feature and business stories, press releases, author bios, newsletter and web site copy. To chat about a project you need help with or ask about pricing information, contact her direct at  

Browse examples of her stories below. 

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Stacy D'Alessandro

Stacy D'Alessandro is the author of the romcom/mystery book Front Page Kiss and the
middle-grade fantasy/adventure series Journey to Zentobia. 
Before she became an author,
she spent more than 25 years in the field of public relations and freelance writing.
She lives in Las Vegas with her family and two rescue dogs.   

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