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When an impulsive reporter with commitment issues teams up with a gullible police detective who wants to settle down, they find themselves investigating more than just a small-town crime.  

Investigative reporter Jessa Becker doesn’t care if she finds a boyfriend anytime soon. She’d rather have a successful career that covers the cost of living each month. But her best friend has plans to get them wed before thirty and isn’t afraid to employ a few hairbrained schemes to make it happen. From crashing a wake to setting up shop at home improvement stores, Jessa’s life is a rotation of failed guy-finding escapades. Until she unexpectedly plummets into Chase Donovan. Literally.  

Chase is a hopeless romantic who's been burned by love too many times. But when Jessa falls off the bar and into his arms during a dance contest, sparks fly. Embarrassed, Jessa flees the scene, but later learns that Chase is the new ace detective on the boat vandalism case she’s covering for the newspaper.

They team up to dig deeper, but just as their chaotic courtship turns genuine, a rival reporter accuses Jessa of dating Chase to further her career. With their hearts and careers on the line, the pair must determine whether they can overcome their deep-rooted fears and trust each other in order to find true happiness. Will they navigate their chance at love or go down with the ship?

Front Page Kiss is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy/mystery starring a sassy reporter and a handsome detective set in the quirky, small town of Bryer Cove.

Coming Soon! 

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